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Elevate Business Efficiency with Intelligent Automation. Streamline your operations & boost accuracy with our Digital Workers handling repetitive tasks.

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    Why You Need Intelligent Automation
    and a Digital Workforce

    Routines can drain humans! But Digital Workers can handle repetitive and manual tasks without any interruption to your day-to-day tasks. With enhanced efficiency and pinpoint accuracy, our Digital Workers leverage transformative technologies like intelligent automation, machine learning, and AI. This frees people to pursue innovation, creativity, and strategic thinking.

    Meet Centelli’s Digital Worker: The Most
    Efficient Worker You Will Ever Have

    We train Digital Workers just like a dedicated employee. They blend in with your existing systems to take over manual processes, so you and your staff can focus on the value-adding tasks. Here’s How They Can Level Up Your Operations:

    01Functional Attributes

    • Automates Manual Tasks
    • Repetitive/Rule-Led Tasks
    • High-Volume Processes
    • Resource-Intensive Tasks

    02Performance Attributes

    • Easy To Deploy
    • 5X Faster Than a Human
    • Works 24/7, 365
    • No Mistakes

    03Operational Impact

    • Lighter Workloads
    • Reduced Errors
    • Increased Output
    • Scalable/Agile Process

    04Business Impact

    • Time & Costs Savings
    • Better Resource Utilization
    • Human Focus on Value Add
    • Prevent Employee Burnout

    Revolutionizing Workflows Digitally

    Areas Your Digital Workers Can Unlock
    Next-Level Efficiency for You

    Digital Workers are here to make people's workloads lighter and more manageable. You can deploy them across departments and industries.
    We train them for a broad array of applications, including (but not limited to):

    Customer Service

    • In-Bound Enquiry Management
    • Order Processing
    • Customer Data Management


    • Invoice Processing
    • Bank Reconciliations
    • Expense Management

    Human Resources

    • Employee On-Boarding/Off-Boarding
    • Contract Creation & Management
    • Policy Compliance/CPD Tracking

    Operations & Supply Chain

    • In-Bound Enquiry Management
    • Order Processing
    • Customer Data Management

    Elevate Your Experience

    Why Choose Us as Your Intelligent Automation Service Partner

    At Centelli, we aim to create measurable results and real value for our clients. We prioritise building on your existing systems & creating Digital Workers that follow your existing processes, only advising a change when there are further savings to be made. Hallmarks of Our Digital Workforce Solutions:

    Non-Invasive Tech

    Frictionless integration with your current systems.

    Easy Onboarding

    Get your Digital Worker up and running fast.

    Human-Digital Worker Communication

    Seamless! Digital Workers programmed to know when to ask for help.

    All-Round Process Uptick

    Well-defined process improves data capture, performance monitoring.


    We offer solutions that best suit your needs and drive maximum ROI.

    Competitive Rates

    We offer competitive rates, with unwavering commitment to service quality.


    4 Steps to Your Digital Workforce

    • 01


      We identify processes where Digital Workers can provide maximum impact and real benefits.

    • 02


      At this stage, we integrate your Digital Worker with the selected process to realize a more robust system.

    • 03


      You first train us like your own team member and then we train your Digital Worker(s) for the same process, including exception handling. Next, we evaluate their efficiency to ensure they meet your goals.

    • 04


      Centelli’s Digital Resource Manager monitors all Digital Workers, proactively spotting exceptions and opportunities to boost efficiency and impact.


    What Our Clients Say

    A trusted Partner for Leading Brands

    Common Queries

    Intelligent Automation RPA FAQs

    A Digital Worker is sometimes called a ‘bot’, that exists within a desktop or laptop computer to automate routine tasks that would normally be undertaken by a human. They operate across different systems and processes, liberating your human employees to focus on what truly matters.

    Think of Digital Workers as AI-powered assistants, including machine learning and analytics capabilities, who can automate entire workflows. Unlike simple bots within specific programmes that handle specific tasks, these analytical engines excel at end-to-end processes across different systems, boosting human productivity by tackling complex assignments and supporting diverse tasks, streamlining workflows with intelligent insights.

    Absolutely! Centelli’s Digital Workers seamlessly integrate with and enhance your existing systems. They optimize processes, bridge gaps, and free your team for high-value tasks, creating synergies for overall efficiency. Versatile and adaptable, they can effortlessly integrate with niche and outdated systems.

    While waiting might be beneficial if a change is imminent, Digital Workers can assist in making transitions smoother. Their adaptability and ease of managing tasks during transitions make them valuable assets during periods of change.

    Contrary to common belief, Digital Workers do not require complex integrations. With a simple screen, onboarding is like training a new team member. Most functions we automate require minimal ongoing input from your end, saving time from day one.

    Centelli aims to enlighten, not pressure. Our 30-minute consultations share success stories, providing insights for future planning without immediate commitments. This informative discussion allows you to consider the possibilities without financial constraints.

    Absolutely. Digital Workers can handle various tasks, from employee onboarding, invoice creation, contact centre services, and shipment scheduling. Centelli's impact extends across industries, boosting productivity and satisfaction.

    We understand concerns about risk. Centelli focuses on building a solid business case and collaborating with you to minimise risk. We share our expertise in Digital Workers, ensuring confidence in the workflow while you manage your business expertise.

    No, quite the opposite. Digital Workers elevate human efforts by taking over mundane tasks, allowing your team to focus on creative and complex areas – where they can really add value. The future we envision is a harmonious blend of digital and human intelligence working side by side.

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