RPA & Intelligent Automation in Construction

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Key Use Cases of Construction Back-office Automation

Subcontractor Management

  • Quick Onboarding/Offboarding
  • Seamless Project Tracking
  • Optimize Cost & Time
  • Complete Process Control
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Vendor Management

  • Automatic Vendor Creation
  • Hassle-free Management
  • Shorten Project Lifecycle
  • Improve Front-End Ops
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Invoice Processing

  • Error-Free Invoices
  • On-Time Payments
  • Timely Bank Reconciliation
  • More Reliable Cashflow
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Cost Monitoring

  • Higher Data Accuracy
  • Cost-to-Estimate Reports
  • Budget Comparisons
  • Informed Decisions
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VAT/CIS Processing

  • Tack Every Transaction
  • Zero-Error Filing
  • On-Time Submission
  • Improve Compliance
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Other Standard Operations

  • HR Workflows
  • Procurement Operations
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Resource Management
  • Data & Cyber Security
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