Hampshire Trust Bank

Process automation has saved 100% of the resources Hampshire Trust Bank (HTB) once used to manually move mortgage data, empowering it to pursue explosive growth on the back of an improved customer and broker service.

The Numbers That Matter

  • 100%

    Human Time Saved

  • 87%

    Application Cycle Time Saved

  • 1.5 FTE

    Reallocated to Tasks Providing Greater & Personal Customer Experience

About HTB

Hampshire Trust Bank (HTB) is a specialist business and personal finance bank based in London and Leeds, delivering asset finance, specialist mortgages, development finance and much more to their customers. As a business, they understand their customers and promise to deliver – something recognised by the many customer service awards they have won. With plans for growth at an impasse, HTB called in Centelli and asked us to identify how automation could make the organisation more efficient and accurate, and ultimately more profitable.


Hampshire Trust Bank is a specialist bank focusing on both secured and unsecured lending. It was manually migrating data from its front-end application to the backend application using team members dedicated solely to the task. The process was taking colleagues 90 minutes per application – time that could be better spent on customer service. It also caused a bottleneck at the end of each month as application volume soared.


  • Closed Mutliple-Application Gaps Staying true to our partnership approach, we involved HTB from the start – building and mapping the mortgage data process and documenting and bridging the gap between various business validation rules across multiple applications.

  • Zero Data Errors The automation solution Centelli supplied now migrates vital business data from one application to another with resiliency in the process, tighter data validation, and zero data fatigue and errors.

  • Reduced Manual Work We built our Digital Worker to cut down on manual processes used to fund, complete and service loan facilities as well. A bot can do each task in 12 minutes, while the 90-minute process time it took human beings to do it is zero.

  • Team Focus on Customer Service HTB’s Specialist Mortgages team are now free to do what they do best – support more customers and provide added value and outstanding service.

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