Intelligent Automation & RPA for Insurance Sector

Tedious Administrative Workflows, Time-Intensive Claim Processes, Fraud Concerns, Etc., Exacerbate Insurance Backlogs! Our Digital Worker Deployments Optimize and Expedite Processes, Maximizing Service Delivery & ROI. Stuck in Processing Backlogs?

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Our Insurance-Specific Digital Worker Solutions Cover:

Policy Administration

  • Policy Issuance/Renewals
  • Policy Change Requests
  • Documentation Creation/Delivery
  • Customer Policy Updates
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Policy Document Management

  • Document Generation
  • Document Workflows
  • Retention Policy Compliance
  • Change Management
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Billing and Payments

  • Premium Billing/Invoicing
  • Payment Processing/Reconciliation
  • Late Payment Reminders
  • Agent Commission Pay-Outs
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Customer Service

  • Chatbot Integration
  • Ticket Assignment/Resolution
  • Customer Data Retrieval
  • Common Queries Response
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Claims Processing

  • Claims Intake/Validation
  • Damage Assessment
  • Fraud Detection/Investigation
  • Claims Approval/Payment
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  • Risk Assessment
  • External Data Source Integration
  • Quote Generation/Pricing
  • Underwriting Rules Adherence
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Risk Management / Compliance

  • Regulatory Compliance Tracking
  • Compliance Documentation
  • Audits/Inspections Reports
  • Regulatory Databases Integration
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Fraud Detection / Prevention

  • Real-time Fraud Detection
  • Fraud Alert Generation
  • Fraud Databases Integration
  • Predictive Patterns Analytics
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