Atlanta, GA-based Healthcare Provider

How a Digital Worker assists a Healthcare Provider in billing, record management, and finance. Saving time and money, improving accuracy, and making employees happier while maintaining full HIPAA compliance.

The Numbers That Matter

  • 2.5  

    FTE Billing  

  • 440

    Bill Hours Saved Monthly      

  • 4 FTE


  • More Efficient Staff  

About the Client

A leading healthcare provider based in Atlanta, GA, running urgent care facilities. They provide quality care for 3.5m patients per year and have a growing network of over 100 centres across four different states in the United States.


During COVID-19, our client experienced a surge in visits like everyone else. But this also meant a massive data exercise that involved identifying the treatment required, matching the individual to insurance records, and then submitting data in the correct format to each insurance provider. Time-consuming facsimile filings needed four different teams to access a shared inbox multiple times each day. Their billing and supplier and partner management procedures also lacked efficiency. The existing setup provided data visibility in silos, furthermore. Data was only visible across different systems, logins, and instances.


  • Streamlined Processes Digital Worker eliminates manual navigation, expedites data collection, minimizes human intervention risk.

  • Efficiency & Accuracy Our solution significantly boosts data retrieval efficiency with real-time accessibility.

  • Strategic Advantage & Future Readiness Digital Workers offer a strategic edge helping our client overcome traditional workforce limitations and position itself for sustained operational excellence.

  • Reduced Costs & Happier Team Staff time better spent on more value-added tasks. Which leads to better retention, easier recruitment, etc.

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