Rivervale Leasing

Our automation has unplugged a bottleneck in price analysis, freed valued staff from monotonous work and created the capacity for growth at Rivervale Leasing. 

The Numbers That Matter

  • 8,000+

    Staff Hours Saved

  • 3X

    Increase in Price Processing Volume

  • 80%

    Reduction in Processing Time

  • 6 Mo

    Return on Investment

About Rivervale 

Established in 2001, Rivervale is the UK's leading vehicle leasing company for personal and business customers. Specialising in new vehicle leasing for cars, vans and minibuses, they are the first to offer a vehicle leasing dealership to both the high-street and online. Team Centelli worked closely with them to understand their business needs and came up with an automation solution that effectively elevated their customer order processing.


The company wanted to deliver more choice to its customers but was held back by bottlenecks in its price analysis and administrative processes to process a customer order. They were dependent on people to manage data extraction from multiple 3rd party websites to find the best options and price for customers. Adding to its challenges was a complex ecosystem of partners with different websites and terminology. The company knew that if it could handle more price analysis and do it faster, it would unblock the logjam and give it the ability to service its customers better while freeing staff from an unpopular task. 


  • Increased Vehicle Pricing Volumes We increased the volume of vehicles priced and custom deals updated by training a Digital Worker to run for 19 hours a day. It extracts data across multiple sources and compares price points, then filters and updates the Rivervale website with the most competitive prices, analysing up to 50 pricing variations per deal.

  • Timely Invoice Clearing The bot also captures information received from the customer relationship management system (CRM) and to generate invoices in the accounting system. It does it early in the morning, so invoices for the last working day are cleared before the business gets started.

  • Custom Ducumentation We also trained the Digital Worker to create custom documents from different vendors and mail the relevant documents to individual customers.

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