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Discover a future free from repetitive, tedious tasks and add value back into your business! Your financials, data and precious time are in expert hands as we help guide you to success!

Centelli is a UK-based Intelligent Automation, Business Intelligence, and Finance and Accounting Outsourcing company. We have been helping businesses to be the best version of themselves since 2014.

We leverage our expertise in technology, operations, and strategy to propel businesses to new peaks of optimality and excellence. We don't just remove frictions and errors; we completely transform your processes propelling you and your teams into the future of work.

We help you achieve:

Our team of automation wizards, accounting ninjas, and data mavericks are passionate about getting to the heart of your needs and challenges. We shine through complexity, delivering results-oriented and frictionless processes.Partner with Centelli for a friction-free, flourishing future.

  • Increased efficiency
    and productivity

  • Enhanced

  • Reduced risks
    and maximized ROI

  • Faster achievement
    of business goals


Meet our outcome-driven team that loves to deliver lightning-fast returns on your investments.

Aneesh Gupta

Managing Partner

Rajan Gupta

Managing Partner

Samuel Cornford

Business Development Manager

Himanshu Bhalla

Director of Operations

Vineet Kalra


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Our Philosophy and Approach

Our philosophy is centered on improvement, innovation, and transformation while solving problems for businesses of all kinds. With integrity, excellence, and collaboration, we navigate challenges, rooted in our core values.

  • Align. Innovate. Pioneer. Lead  

    These guiding principles define us, enabling us to:

    1. Align seamlessly with technology shifts and emerging trends in our areas of service.
    2. Innovate relentlessly, pushing the boundaries of possibility to craft break through solutions.
    3. Pioneer with conviction, venturing into uncharted territories and paving the way for others.
    4. Lead with integrity and vision, inspiring a future where excellence prevails.
  • Every Business Has a Problem We Can Solve

    Whether you are an ambitious Startup, a growth-packed Small and Medium Business (SMB),an expanding Corporate Behemoth, or a result-oriented Non-Profit, there are always some bottlenecks that can hold you back! We fix them and enhance operational efficiencies for greater impact using our broad-ranging expertise:

    1. Intelligent Automation [Digital Workers & RPA]
    2. Finance & Accounting Outsourcing
    3. Business Intelligence
  • Our Core Work Values:
    1. We work in your best interest, focusing on benefiting your organization.
    2. Don’t recommend multi-million-dollar investments in new systems that require lots of resources.
    3. Collaborate with you to help streamline your business with existing technology as much as possible.
    4. Offer flexible engagement models to fit your needs and relish working at pace to achieve the outcomes you seek.

Challenge the Status Quo,
Embrace Change and Grow

Out dated or inefficient processes,scrambling workflows, cost-escalating work cycles, or dipping outputs? Such persisting scenarios can result in stagnation and reduced business competitiveness.  It's time to shed old ways and up your game.

Join forces with Centelli to find new ways to:
  • Streamline Your Business Processes
  • Transform employee Experience
  • Boost Consumer Value

Looking for a supportive partner with significant experience to elevate
your business efficiency and boost productivity cost- effectively?

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  • Outcome-Focused

    Our spare-no-effort mindset results in quality solutions that are second to none.

  • Rapid ROI

    You can expect a quick return on your investment.

  • Global Scale, Local Presence

    Centelli’s size, structure and leadership mean your projects are completed faster and to the highest standards. Offices in the UK, USA and India.

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