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Are you missing a trick? The Consequences of Not Embracing Automation


It might not come as a surprise, but the consequences of not embracing automation and AI (Automated Intelligence) could mean that you’re missing a trick as a competitor. As the tech we use evolves, we, too, must adapt and grow to the challenges that may come with that…Especially when it comes to keeping up with the pack!

The integration of Digitalisation has long been a pivotal factor in maintaining competitiveness, and today, the use of Automation and AI is similar. Yet rather than just speaking in general terms, we thought we’d outline, in this blog, five simple ways that nearly every business can start to utilise Automation to deliver immediate value. Our Digital Workers, designed to emulate human efficiency, offer a transformative solution to businesses across diverse sectors such as Hospitality, Construction, Healthcare, Automotive, and Supply Chain.


 Embracing Automation Can Deliver:

  1. Improved Clarity of Financial Positioning

In the automotive sector, Krishna Automobiles faced challenges with manual data transfer from the Dealer Management System (DMS) to the accounting system. Centelli’s solution automated reconciliations, reducing costs associated with duplicating data and improving day-to-day financial performance.

Digital Workers could help you ensure you always know the precise financial position of your business.

  1. Fewer Production Delays and Greater Confidence in Delivery

Libra Industries, managing a complex supply chain, streamlined supply chain management, reducing costs, minimising risks, and ensuring happier customers with less risk of production delays.

Digital Workers can help you manage your supply chain, regularly communicating with suppliers and ensuring you can better manage production schedules and, ultimately, delivery deadlines.

  1. Free Staff from Repeating Tasks

In healthcare, our client in Atlanta, GA, faced an overwhelming workload post-COVID. Implementing multiple Digital Workers alleviated the burden, allowing staff to focus on quality patient care.

Digital Workers can be trained quickly and accurately to undertake any repetitive tasks in any department.

[Link to Healthcare Case Study: Covid Coding, WorkQ Extract, and Facsimile Filing]

  1. Improved Competitiveness

Davidson Hospitality‘s team of accountants spent a significant portion of their time on manual reconciliations, impacting competitiveness. Centelli’s solution automated the process and created a value-adding squad, putting the power back in their hands and resulting in happier staff and a scalable solution.

  1. Operational Bottleneck

Hampshire Trust Bank faced a bottleneck in manually migrating data, hindering growth. Centelli’s automation solution streamlined the process, reducing the time from 90 minutes per application to a mere 12 minutes with zero errors. The Specialist Mortgages team can now focus on supporting customers and providing added value.



The consequences of not embracing automation are clear: increased costs, missed sales opportunities, disengaged employees, and reduced competitiveness. The success stories of businesses adopting Digital Workers highlight the transformative power of Intelligent Automation.


Embrace the Future with Digital Workers

Don’t fall behind. Embrace the future with Digital Workers. Identify tasks that hinder efficiency, engage with our team, and witness the positive impact on your operations.

Contact us to explore how Intelligent Automation can propel your business forward.


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