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Revolutionising Every Step of the Manufacturing Process

12-Jan-2024 . 5min read

Automation goes far beyond the physical. It orchestrates human and computerized tasks, revolutionising every step of the manufacturing process.  We’ve all seen the videos of one-armed robots packing and shipping products for warehouses around the globe. In just a few hours, a whole run of product can be packed and sent out. Often, however, whilst the ‘production line’ has robots visibly in action, the ‘back office’ functions are still run very manually…with you and your team stuck behind a mountain of paperwork filling out the exact order information over and over and over, and… then when you think it’s all over, you now have to take stock of inventory and fill out order forms for the same items, every week, month, day.   

Seems ridiculous, right?   

Now imagine going to work; overnight, someone has already done those tasks for you! Now, you’re free to speak with customers or suppliers, or start on the project you’ve meant to get to for weeks but haven’t found the time.  

Digital Workers can be trained to do all of that and more.

You no longer have to worry about being weighed down by that Everest stack of forms and documents. It’s as if you’ve finally got a clone to do your most time-consuming tasks… For example:  

Receiving Orders:  

Digital Workers (DWs) don’t exist physically but live on computers. They can efficiently monitor inboxes, streamline inbound order processing, and handle repetitive tasks, liberating your team from the shackles of paperwork or copying and pasting data. Order information is effortlessly managed, allowing you and your team to focus on what truly matters – innovation and progress.  

Supply Chain:  

The intricate dance of the supply chain involves ordering parts, checking delivery schedules, and managing time. DWs excel at navigating this complexity, ensuring a smooth flow of operations. Take a look at what we’ve programmed for Libra Industries, where DWs played a pivotal role in optimizing supply chain processes and mitigating delays.  


From managing stock to overseeing shipping logistics and seamlessly integrating with labelling systems, DWs become invaluable assets in the shipping phase. Every aspect of shipping is efficiently managed and leaves no room for delays or errors.  


Automation with DWs transcends the conventional order-to-delivery process. Dive into how DWs can revolutionize invoicing, simplifying tasks beyond expectation. No longer confined to mundane paperwork, your team can redirect their focus towards strategic initiatives and creative endeavours.  

Elevate your operations, reduce manual workload, and unlock new possibilities for innovation. Explore the untapped potential of Digital Workers and propel your manufacturing processes into a new era.   


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