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RPA In Your Business.


There are lots of ways businesses can benefit from RPA in your business (robotic process automation). Companies around the world are using it and we don’t even realise! It automates your processes and frees up time and resources within your company without significant IT costs. In fact, RPA works with your existing systems and provides rapid ROI. But don’t take our word for it, these are some of the industries Centelli have worked in and optimised processes that have provided tangible benefits.


91% of companies are now using automation technologies (or Digital Workers as we call them) to increase efficiency and capacity within the business and improve customer service. Our clients in the automotive sector have Digital Workers across Pricing Analysis, Sales Processing, Vehicle Inventory and managing all sorts of back-office processes (such as PO creation & invoicing).

RPA in your business, automation can increase output, without hiring more staff. Whilst creating efficiencies that allows your staff to be happier and more productive in their work.


Within the Financial sector, RPA automates high values and high transaction processes. This can be anything from loan applications, responding to standard customer queries, and in harmonizing data across various banking systems.

We call our automation ‘digital workers’ as they work faster, with fewer mistakes every day of the year. RPA also revolutionizes banking compliance by automating monitoring of key elements across banking systems.

Supply chain

By introducing RPA to your supply chain, you save valuable time and man-power throughout your logistics operation. You can avoid costly staff recruitment and training, allowing employees to work on other projects across the company.

Information such as machine downtime can be monitored and relayed across relevant departments. This means quick communication and less disruption. Some other examples of where RPA in your business has benefited Supply chain include, order processing, invoice processing, shipment scheduling, customer management and customer portal integration. Which all lead to significantly improved customer and supplier experiences, and a happier workforce that leads to reduced staff turnover!

Hotels and hospitality

We have worked with a number of chains within the hotel industry and are constantly finding new ways to automate processes. Many of the day to day processes involved in hospitality can be undertaken by digital workers. This has been particularly relevant in the past year, where there are added restrictions and safety measures in place. All of which have required additional attention from staff.

One of the most obvious ways we can help is by automating jobs such as reservation booking, amends and cancellations. Digital Workers can handle routine jobs like these, as well as collection of payments for pre-paid bookings, rate code set up and supplier reconciliation. Leaving your staff to focus on ensuring COVID safety measures as their top priority.


You may be questioning how robotic process automation could possibly help in the construction industry! Construction is rapidly relying on new technologies and RPA ties into this. We have helped companies keep control of their costs more easily, aided tax preparation and onboarded contractors with minimum fuss. 

Implementing digital workers to help with things like this removes the risk of human error and allows projects to keep on budget.

If you think Centelli can help improve processes within your company, give us a call! You can reach us by phoning +44 (0)7900 232396 (UK), +1 678 566 6942 (USA) or by emailing


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