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RPA Digital Workers help the construction world realise increased productivity and benefit from fewer mistakes. They never cut corners at the risk of quality or compliance issues.

Robot Process Automation for the construction industry

Construction brands that trust Centelli

Construction companies use automation to meet varying demand

With its bricklaying bots and mapping drones, the industry has already embraced automation. Yet the back-office remains a mostly manual area. Employees are struggling to keep up with demand while working harder than ever.

Developing a better landscape needs more than just nails and hammers. Construction companies have to find a better way to address countless manual, repetitive tasks just to keep the operational side of the business running.

Robot Process Automation for the Construction Sector

RPA solutions for construction

Centelli automates processes such as onboarding contractors, vendors and suppliers; cost monitoring; client and owner invoice creation; tax preparation and VAT processing. We use Digital Workers who can operate these tasks just like a human but a lot faster. They work 24/7, removing human error, making processes much more reliable, allowing your staff to focus on more stimulating and enriching activities.

Subcontractor onboarding

Using Digital Workers to control how you take on subcontractors, you can rapidly bring them onboard and offboard as they begin and finish projects. You meet milestones and save time.

VAT and CIS processing

Automating your tax processes and allowing Digital Workers to do the most demanding work so that you can submit everything promptly and with zero errors. Your employees can focus on exceptions and use their skills in better ways than merely transforming data.

Cost monitoring

Digital Workers can control and run the cost-to-estimate reports, consolidating the data from different sources and comparing it to allocated budgets. They remove the risk of human error and ensure costs do not skyrocket unexpectedly.

Invoice creation

An unavoidable but crucial task. With Digital Workers, you can issue and pay invoices on time and accurately, producing a more accurate bank sheet and more reliable flow of cash.

Vendor creation

Construction firms engage with many vendors. By using Digital Workers to automate vendor creation, you speed up the relationship with them. The result is a shortening project lifecycle and a more efficient front-end operation as work can begin without being held up by paperwork backlogs.

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