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Onboarding Digital Workers: Just as Easy as Training a New Start!!


You only need glance at LinkedIn or X now to see discussions on how intelligent automation will revolutionize working lives. Yet, alongside all that potential, how many people are actually benefiting from this technology? In our experience, a big barrier to actually utilizing technology is the fear of the work involved in implementing it. However, with Centelli’s Digital Workers, it really is just as easy as onboarding a new member of your team … and you don’t let that stop you hiring, do you?!

If you’re already short on time and resources, you may assume that any new “technology project” is something you don’t currently have space for. It’s completely normal to have these hesitations like these, but we at Centelli are here to assure you that bringing a Digital Worker onto your team could not be simpler. The process is just as straightforward, in fact, as hiring a new human employee, WITH an informed business consultancy (us!) helping you every step of the way. Below, let’s dive into our onboarding process and help you shake off those pesky fears for good.

So… What Exactly Is a Digital Worker?

First, let’s clarify that initial big question. What exactly are Digital Workers? Though we sometimes explain them in terms of their underlying technology, robotic process automation, Digital Workers are nothing like robots. Their name, in fact, comes from the fact that they really can accurately be thought of as a new worker in your organization. Just one that doesn’t need any coffee breaks!

“Centelli worked with us to understand that a Digital Worker could perfectly complement existing processes, by behaving just like a human does – but way more efficiently.”
– Chris Ball, Business Development Director of Clermont Hotel Group

Digital Workers and Your Organization’s Tech

The onboarding of a Digital Worker does not come with a bunch of new, daunting technology, and one mustn’t be a computer expert to employ one. Digital Workers, in many ways, operate just like a human does. They use your organization’s pre-existing technology systems and imitate manual actions like mouse clicks and keyboard strokes. When they run into anomalies outside of their training, they know to stop and reach out for human guidance. As far as IT demands, your company only needs to provide a Virtual Laptop, no other fancy equipment. That is to say, no more than what you’d provide a person!

If you’re concerned about antiquated applications, rest assured, if a human can use it, so can a Digital Worker. They can, in fact, simplify interactions with such software for human colleagues. Additionally, when your company plans application shifts, Digital Workers can be your allies by keeping essential functions running while your human team puts more focus into the transition.

Centelli’s Digital Worker Integration Process

If you’re still not convinced that bringing a Digital Worker on is easy-as-pie, well, we don’t blame you. You’re not an automation expert, and may not even know where to begin with setting one up. That’s why Centelli, who are automation experts, guide you step-by-step until your Digital Worker is up and running smoothly.

When you hire us, this is the exact process Centelli undertakes:

Stage 1:

To begin, Centelli visits and takes a look at your business to determine what within it would deliver the best use of automation. What processes are you currently doing yourselves that are eating valuable time that could be dedicated to more fulfilling tasks? What areas are manual and repetitive, but immensely important, and must be completed with the highest level of accuracy possible? How can we boost your output along with the satisfaction of your customers and your employees?

You don’t need to approach us with a pitch about where you want automation implemented. That’s why we’re not just a technology company, but a consultancy. We come to you and provide our expert insight. We’ll also be the ones to help you identify whether the process of implementing automation is worth it from a return-on-investment perspective- that’s a risk we take on. Once we’ve helped you determine both whether automation is right for you and where it would best be implemented, then we walk you through putting that automation in place.

“Centelli have quickly gained an understanding of our requirements and have worked closely with the business to truly understand our business requirements and make sure our Digital Workers can carry out these tasks effectively.”
– Vince Pemberton, COO of Rivervale Leasing

Stage 2:

During Centelli’s onboarding process, you are also not expected to map out the integration of your Digital Worker into your organization. Again, that’s our area of expertise, and we’re here to help you. At the next stage of the process, you meet with a Centelli team member and train them on how to complete the tasks we will be automating – just like you would train a new member of staff. Most automation processes require minimal input, starting with a 15-30 minute session, followed by occasional support.

Stage 3:

This Centelli employee then uses that information to determine how it will be allocated to a Digital Worker, maps out their findings, and works closely with our development team. Our mantra is the same as ever: if you can train a person to do this job, you can train a Digital Worker.

“Centelli have been great to work with. From Day 1, they’ve been responsive, have understood and interpreted our business needs, and implemented the Digital Worker incredibly smoothly.”
– Michele Smith, Senior VP, Accounting & IT Davidson Hospitality Group

What Sets Centelli Apart?

Centelli’s success doesn’t stem solely from our technological prowess but is deeply rooted in our people-first approach. Where many firms might drown you in tech-talk, we focus on human-centric communication and solutions. Every step with Centelli feels organic, intuitive, and tailored to your needs. Our process might be digital, but our approach is profoundly human.

But, don’t just take our word for it. Have a look at the final client testimonial we’ll share today, which underlines our commitment to blending technology with a warm, human touch:

“Centelli were an integral part of our team, working side by side with us to get the right outcome”
– Robin Jeffery, Head of Transformation at Hampshire Trust Bank

In Closing:

Onboarding a Digital Worker might seem like a journey into the unknown, but with Centelli, it’s a surprisingly straightforward and human-centric experience. Our approach ensures that this transition feels as natural and intuitive as bringing a new employee onto your team.

Now that you’ve seen how simple it is, think you’re ready to give our Digital Workers a try? Boost your company revenue, employee job satisfaction, and customer experience, all from one quick and easy training session.

Contact Centelli today!


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