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Ways You Can Modernise your Business Intelligence


We are living in a world that is dominated by data. Whether it is marketing, finance or operations, major decisions are based on insights from data. Previously, Business Intelligence (BI) was a luxury that small businesses could not afford. The big guns in the corporate sector hired teams of data scientists, who would mine data and provide useful insights to them as one off’s to support big business decisions.

However, with the advancement of BI software, this has changed. Today, small businesses can also make use of BI tools and analytical resources to gain an edge.

In this competitive environment, it is very important to modernise Business Intelligence. Here are some ways you can do that and leverage maximum advantage out of it:

Use Self-Service BI Tools

Your employees should not have to ask the IT team to provide relevant BI data. They must be able to access it whenever and wherever they want to.

This is where self-service tools come in. These tools can allow your staff to handle clients’ queries in a timely manner. Data can now be presented straight to your desktop, tablet or mobile phone

This will ensure that your customers are satisfied with your prompt responsiveness. It will help boost your employees’ morale as they will have the ability to see and do what is right for the customer.

Automate Processes for Business Intelligence Tools

For your BI tool to function effectively, you need to make sure that the data gathered is of a good quality and accurate.

Many enterprises still resort to manual processes. Their teams manually type in data on spreadsheets to be used by highly localised BI tools. However, the problem with this is that it can lead to information silos, inconsistencies, and errors driving extensive rework and reconciliation activities which can render such BI tools almost useless.

Make sure you are using automated tools for gathering and recording data (if your BI tool does not already have that).

Incorporate Other Device

If you are looking to modernise BI, you cannot just limit it to Desktop, PCs or Laptops. You can now incorporate these tools into tablets and smartphones.

Your customers and your employees have gone mobile. From buying/selling to reading emails, people use mobile phones on the go. Your BI strategy will greatly benefit from embracing mobile, putting information directly into the hands of those that need it.

Make Use of External Data

Traditional BI would provide you insights about your profits, customer touch points, online sales, and so on. This is data is traditionally from internal sources.

However, a truly modernised BI must be able to gather information from external sources as well. It should be able to help you blend this to drive insight and decision making. For instance, an event planner should have the capability to predict attendance, based on data from weather forecast reports, geographic attendance trends, knowledge of other simultaneous events, and plan accordingly.

With a team of data scientists and BI gurus, we at Centelli help organisations modernise business intelligence. Our business intelligence and analytics consultancy can help you incorporate BI and analytics tools more effectively to transform the way you do business.


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