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Unlock the Power of Communications Mining


Insights from Centelli’s Latest Webinars: Leverage AI to Understand and Action Every Customer Request

Effective communication is the backbone of thriving organizations- when everyone’s insights come together, great things happen. However, pulling meaningful information from the vast volumes of communication data coming in today can feel like an insurmountable task. This is where Communications Mining comes to the rescue. On May 16th and June 1st, Aneesh Gupta of Centelli and Tom Golebiowski of UiPath hosted a webinar exploring this revolutionary technology.

If you missed it when it aired, read below to learn more, then get the full story at our webinar recording HERE!

The Challenge with Communication

Today, organizations receive a barrage of messages from diverse channels like emails, social media, and chat. While this provides unique opportunities for customer engagement, it also presents significant challenges. The overwhelming volume of data can quickly become a logistical nightmare, with manual data analysis and insights extraction proving labor-intensive and inefficient. Traditional methods fall short as shared inboxes become flooded, leading to response delays, overlooked opportunities, and heightened risks.

Introducing Communications Mining

Enter Communications Mining, a solution for organizing and deciphering the multitude of communications and converting them into actionable tasks. This tool enables organizations to manage and analyze messages and to extract useful insights from these unstructured data sources.

Use Cases

Communications Mining provides the ability to analyze message content, categorize it, extract crucial information, and predict subsequent required actions. Moreover, it can identify patterns, detect bottlenecks, and gauge customer sentiments. This information is critical for informed decision-making, process improvement, and enhanced customer experiences.

For example, Communications Mining can help sort or filter inbound customer enquiries to be passed to the correct team more quickly. Additionally, it can analyze unstructured customer emails, converting them into automated tasks or tickets in other software systems so a fix can be queued and then actioned. Another notable application is analyzing large data sets, for instance to identify frequently asked questions from customers after making a purchase. These insights inform proactive training improvements, preventing similar inquiries from arising in the future.

In short, Communications Mining is like having a smart assistant that takes care of your organization’s messages, helps you understand them, and delivers actionable insights to improve your business. It’s a game-changing tool that mitigates communication overload and helps you make the most of your data.

With its no-code interface, effective training methods, and advanced AI models, Communications Mining offers a transformative solution for modern communication challenges. Organizations can swiftly implement and scale AI solutions across their communication functions, and the discussed use cases merely scratch the surface of its potential.

Don’t miss the opportunity to stay ahead! To learn more about how Communications Mining works and hear real-life success stories, check out the webinar recording provided above, and look forward to more Centelli webinars in the future.


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