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Sudden Departures, New Arrivals: Transitioning from SAP BW to Birst


In the world of business intelligence, data is the currency that can make you rich or poor.

The bigger your company, the greater your data—and the more insight you have into the internal workings of your business. As such, a large volume of complex data means investing in reliable analytical tools and storage applications that minimise the risk of losing significant business knowledge accumulated over time.

Indeed, this is perhaps the greatest reason behind most business owners’ resistance against new data management tools for their business.

Resisting Change

Resisting Change

Regardless of these perceived dangers, however, innovation and efficiency are the face of modern business. Consequently, the key to success lies in your ability to manage data using innovative solutions that factor in storage costs, granularity requirements and overall latency.

As a successful organisation, your data is arguably your most valuable asset. It contains insight into your performance from the past and present, as well as accurate predictions for the future.

To that end, modern BI platforms, such as Birst, give you the chance to identify anomalies and shifting patterns in your data whilst enabling the agility that the cloud and internet has to offer.

Without modern BI solutions for your global enterprise, you may find yourself clinging to the confines of a limiting SAP BW. This could pose a greater threat to your business in the shape of delay in accessing the right information which could lead to missed opportunities for growth and profitability.

The Modern BI Platform

Upgrading your BI tools comes with its own set of challenges and fears.

As a business owner, however, you must be confident in the reliability of your data, and explore your options to achieve “a single version of the corporate truth” that can fast-track your operations.

As a business intelligence consultancy, we are focused on empowering businesses with the aid of modern tools that enable swift and efficient navigation and analysis.

With 15 years of experience in implementing SAP BW for global enterprises, coupled with our partnership with Birst, we have the resources and expertise to ensure rapid migration from SAP BI to Birst, and integrate Birst with SAP solutions such as ECC.

Our unique approach to migration has made our partnership with Birst a thriving success, and we take pride in our ability to accelerate migration by a factor of 10x!

At Centelli, we believe in delivering tried-and-tested BI solutions that make decision-making quick and easy. And we do this by steering the wheel of modernisation to cultivate organisational growth and value for your business.


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