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Preventing RPA Programme from Stalling


Robotic Process Automation (RPA), or Digital Workers, promises to change the world. It is exciting. It has proven itself. Its impact is wide reaching. However, many RPA Programme initiatives stall after the initial stage. 

Based on our experience at Centelli, there are 3 clear stages in the evolutionary journey once an organisation embarks on an automation journey. Successful organisations can overcome the crisis that follows each stage of the journey. 

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The main reasons that we have seen for RPA transformation programmes stalling are:

  • Sponsorship: Newton’s first law of motion states that a body remains in the same state of motion unless a force is applied. An organisation is no different. For it to change, a force must be applied. The sponsor is the force. More senior the sponsor, the greater the force they can apply. In initial phases, the problem that RPA programme might be solving will could be great enough to make change happen but that change remains limited and localised.
  • Quality of implementation, especially in initial phases: Success breeds success. Initial success is critical. Without that, the organisation will lose trust in the solution and the initiative will be dead in the water. 
    • Pick the right processes to automate balancing process complexity with benefit. Ideally, a high volume, low complexity process with high benefit. Of course, life is not ideal, and it will mean striking a balance between these three. 
    • Impact: processes that impact customers experience generate momentum that everyone will get behind. If the process does not directly impact customer experience, then focus on employee experience.
    • It is about people: Consider the impact on people that the automation will have. Aim for a positive experience.
    • Don’t forget Polyani’s paradox (we know more than we can tell): There will be surprises in the process and be ready for them. Addressing the surprises will be dependent on the creativity of the team to find solutions and ensuring the process is automated without diluting benefits. 
    • Implementation team: the implementation team must be the A-team! They must be behind the initiative completely, not just as a delivery task. The team must have the commitment and skills to make success happen no matter what challenge comes up. Most often, organisations engage partners such as Centelli for the initial phases while they build their own team. Make sure the partner is flexible in addressing challenges / surprises and is 100% aligned with the objectives of the programme. 
  • What next? There will be lots of ideas at the start of an initiative. Whilst the initial set of processes are being implemented, the rest of the processes tend to fizzle away. Build a pipeline, engage the organisation through the sponsor to build on the momentum

If you’re looking for more information on how RPA can help your company thrive, get in touch with Centelli. Learn about how we’re reducing costs, saving time and removing errors for businesses across the country. Call today on 07900 232396 or email



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