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Navigating Complex Supply Chain Systems to Drive Business Transformation


It seems each year the invent of new technology gives us an opportunity to transform our processes but too often the Supply Chain industry finds itself weighed down by multiple systems and Integrating legacy applications.

In a digital first world, continued acceleration in adopting innovative technology is vital to success.

Sudden impact of Covid-19 only highlighted the gaps in digitization of the modern supply chain and companies with weak or ill-defined digital projects are being left behind at a pace never seen before.

However, it is not easy to simply replace legacy systems or share data among the various functional tools to get an edge. So how does one go about digital transformation to solve short-term business objectives while ensuring long-term viability?

Digital Workers (RPA – Robotic Process Automation) are enabling the industry to overcome such barriers by simply providing a digital assistant to your teams to overcome shortcomings in integrations, removing the laborious task of data redundancy, improving accuracy of information across platforms, and providing fast and more accurate information to customers and management for rapid decision making.

CEO’s are realizing that Digital Workers enable their teams to execute short and long-term strategies without significantly increasing headcount or adding additional projects on their already strained IT teams.

Here is where Digital Workers add value to supply chain by picking up repetitive tasks and bridging the gap between multiple applications:

  • Shipment scheduling, tracking, and communications
  • Invoice processing
  • Load management
  • Order processing (don’t have an EDI option with a partner, no sweat – use a Digital Worker!)
  • Supply and demand planning
  • Communications and Alerting
  • Inventory tracking, vendor managed inventory, consigned inventory
  • Bridge data gaps between any of your existing applications
  • Reduce data redundancy errors and mistakes
  • Remove silos and improve cross-functional collaboration
  • Virtual servicing
  • Enable digital commerce

How We Enable Digital Transformation with Digital Workers

Keep your legacy systems and embrace a digital first mindset, while improving operational efficiencies at reduced costs and with rapid deployment. At Centelli, we deploy Digital Workers. Digital Workers are like a virtual assistant for your teams that work 24×7 without breaks, without holidays, without calling in sick and without making any errors. Deploy Digital Workers now to move business forward! It is expected that 72% of companies will use Digital Workers in the next 2 years alone. Integrating Legacy applications are no longer a barrier to transform – in fact keep them!

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