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Leveraging Unstructured Data for Business Efficiency


Organisations are increasingly embracing Data Analytics with an aim to innovate.

It is now possible and a lot more affordable to embrace information processing, get faster access, and take advantage of the advanced capabilities of modern insight engines.

Whilst many companies are already adopting big data for more specific applications, a majority of them are still only working with structured data. However, the future will belong to those who have gained the ability to leverage semi-structured and unstructured data as well.

Challenges of Unstructured Data

Organisations that try tackling unstructured data come across two common challenges:

  • Ability to consolidate data in a place that can facilitate analysis
  • Joining data across multiple sources, some with structure and others without, together

The first issue can be solved by building a central repository, such as a data lake.  We recommend building these repositories in the cloud so they scale on demand and avoid any upfront investment in infrastructure.

The vast amount of data variety also mandates successful unification to ensure that organisations get the desired results. Repositories or Data lakes can’t help solve this conundrum, despite the fact that these offer more flexibility than traditional data warehouses have ever provided.

Many businesses rely on big data, even if their services/products aren’t primarily data reliant. The reason is that Big Data tools and BI services let them leverage huge market advantages without making massive financial investments or long development cycles. Now, they are also focused towards using up their vast reserves of disparate, unstructured data.

This is a huge shift.

While structured data offers the ability to analyse important numbers about performance, income and revenue—as well as operational metrics, etc.; unstructured data on the other hand, hides critical info on how business is really conducted.

It offers key insights into discoveries as well as knowledge of internal processes and competitive edge.

Unstructured Data Is The Recipe To The Secret Sauce

No organisation can succeed in the long term without it. Businesses that understand and are invested in the success of their BI initiatives, must also realise the potential of unstructured data for their victory.

The most thrilling promise of Big Data solutions is that they can bring together this unstructured data and empower organisations with much better decision-making.

Here at Centelli, we offer the breadth of unstructured data solutions, addressing all your business information troubles and solving them effectively. We are an industry-leading business intelligence consulting firm that can help you better understand and employ BI for your business. Call us to start the conversation!


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