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Implementing a Successful Data Initiative


Thanks to the world-changing shift towards digitisation, it is possible to measure, monitor, categorise and analyse anything and everything. Along side the creation of digital data, improvements in computing, with power on tap through cloud providers such as Amazon AWS, this data can be analysed quickly. What a company does with this data available will make the differentiate the good from the great. Positive differentiation can help organisations in the following areas:

  • Deeper understanding of customer and their needs
  • Developing new products and markets
  • Enhancing operational efficiency through improved understanding of business processes
  • Developing talent through enhanced understanding of employees

Here are the key considerations for a corporate data initiative.


Data initiatives must be agile in their execution to ensure that quick adjustments to the approach can be made and results are delivered quickly. Agile organisations tend to actively seek feedback, learn and adapt.  This agility is critical to ensuring success of complex initiatives such as data.


Each organisation, its data, priorities and strategy is different from others in the industry. Data initiatives must cater to these needs. Big data management must also take into account the unique model, customer, operational risks and cultural needs of the organisation.

Outcome oriented

Successful data initiatives need to drive business outcome and should be sponsored by senior a business executive. Senior sponsorship ensures the data initiative delivers results that matter and helps unblock organisational barriers that will come up through the journey.

Ensure Security

Data security and privacy is a very important aspect of any data initiative, especially if the organisation deals with customer/end user data.  Data security needs to be built in to the data initiative from the start to ensure compliance with regulations such as GDPR.

Just-in-time Investment

In order to maximise return, investments should be made as close to the point of need as possible. It should be possible to scale, and pay for the scale, in line with the uptake of initiatives. Cloud resources, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), are vital to enabling this.

Start Small and Grow

Focus on the most important aspects and expand over time If you are not actively managing your data, it is being mismanaged.

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