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What Can Be Learned From The First Wave of RPA?


For many businesses, the initial implementation of RPA projects hasn’t been smooth sailing. In the technology’s early adoption, failures have been common.

RPA uses software robots to take over repetitive and time-consuming tasks in organisations. This innovative and disruptive technology offers a multitude of benefits to organisations. These include cost-savings, to improved accuracy and increased customer satisfaction. However, with so much promise, why are there a multitude of RPA projects failing and what can be learned from these mistakes?

In the recent 2019 Robotics and Automation Report by Raconteur in The Times supported by Centelli, the topic of learnings from the first wave of RPA is explored, particularly from the perspective of the industrial sector.

The report highlights some of the reasons for RPA project failures and outlines some learnings for businesses moving forward:

Most RPA failures are a result of human error rather than the technology itself

In many of the early RPA projects, businesses note that the reason for failure has been down to human error. Either through a misunderstanding of the technology, inaccurate documentation of their own processes, poor implementation of the project, lack of expert support,  insufficient maintenance after implementation or a host of other human errors.

For RPA projects to be successful they cannot be viewed only as technology implementation projects delivered by IT. They are business projects with technology fuelling the desired outcome. The human element of these projects must be considered. Furthermore, businesses need to ensure they have the right support. From the very beginning of the project, right through to the ongoing collaboration with the digital workforce.

A deep understanding of the processes that RPA will be taking over is key. In addition, so is ongoing maintenance of the digital workers.

Read more about the learnings from the first wave of automation in the 2019 Robotics and Automation Report, supported by Centelli.



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