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Some FAQs – Robotic Process Automation

  1. What is Robotic Process Automation and what are Digital Workers?

Robotic process automation is software based intelligent automation, governed by business logic and structured inputs, aimed at automating business processes. It works with existing software systems, eliminating the need for expensive implementations of new enterprise solutions. Here are FAQs on Robotic Process Automation:

The best way to think about RPA is as a Digital Worker, who can work alone or alongside the existing workforce to get these jobs done.

Digital Workers work best doing tedious, repetitive tasks, eliminating human errors, and freeing corporate workers to focus on higher value work.

  1. What are Digital Workers capable of doing?

Digital Workers are capable of following any logic, rule, or structured business process that you can train a human employee to do. In essence you train the Digital Worker to do the particular task in the same way that you would an existing employee or a new employee. It is one of the very few technologies you can actually see working when you watch the automation flying across computer screens and between systems… it can be quite mesmerizing at times!

  1. Is the process of deploying a digital worker like an IT project? How long does it take?

No – that is one of the biggest benefits of Digital Workers. They are quick to deploy and work with any existing IT application, just like a human worker would. Digital Workers are just like your employees, only they are software. Our value based implementation approach works with your staff to understand the process in detail and “train” the digital worker. Given that most IT organizations are constrained by resources and piles of pending tasks, Digital Worker deployment limits IT involvement to provisioning a virtual “laptop”, and appropriate access, for the digital worker as opposed to a physical laptop. Digital Workers are really a business solution that are enabled by technology.


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