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Failing to Realize the Big Promises and Payoffs from ERP, CRM, and other Enterprise Solutions?


You have invested human and financial resources, your teams have put in countless hours and sweat to implement a change in business process with or without additional automation enabled by ERP, CRM Enterprise solution/computing applications to improved customer experience, efficiency and agility.

Despite the project going live, change being implemented the benefits are not realised. On top of that the staff feel overworked and frustrated. Customers continue to demand more and competition is threatening at the heart of your business.

Sound familiar? Fundamentally the time and effort spent on the change is not wasted. What is missing is smoothing out the change with automation ERP, CRM Enterprise solution, taking care of the additional asks on staff to carry out tasks to make the change work smoothly. Projects have tight deadlines, limited budgets and at the end the project team is running to get to the finish line. The end rush tends to result in adoption of workarounds that limit the benefit and cause the increased work load.

We have a quick, simple and effective solution. Centelli uses Digital Workers (RPA – Robotic Process Automation) to grease the bearings across your solutions. Digital Workers provide connected workflows, bridge data gaps, speed processes providing accuracy and efficiency and become virtual assistants to your key resources reducing their stress and burden further improving customer experience.

Ultimately, no packaged software unilaterally provides the tools necessary to execute a business strategy. The key to success is utilizing the best components across various solutions, just like we use our human capital by driving each resource to deliver to their capabilities.

Digital Workers provide a layer of connectivity and bring the strengths of your existing solutions together in a well humming automation engine. Yes, we are saying keep your existing systems and let Digital Workers put them together.

Digital Workers are cost effective, quick to deploy, and do not require integration layers or programming changes. CEO’s are turning to Digital Workers to create a workforce of the future – one that combines human talent with the efficiency of a digital worker.


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