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Expedite Decision-making on Loans and Car Finance


RPA within Leasing & Automotive

Robotic Process Automation has been used for the typical back offices processes for some time. The kind of processes where they are partially automated through computer applications (ERP/PMS/Payroll), but where there has still been an element of human control. Back in 2019, Audi started using software robots/Digital Assistants to aide their employees and help them complete tasks quicker.

Slow route to decisions for car finance

One area where Digital Workers are being used to help within the sector is within financing decisions. Think of a typical process for when a customer is applying for car finance:

  • Customer chooses vehicle they want
  • Determines the term/loan details they would like
  • Input personal information and financial documentation

The customer has to wait, but there are a multitude of tasks that happen behind the scenes for the customer to get their decision and finalise the sale of the vehicle. These tasks are usually repetitive, routine, and carried out manually which is why the customer is left waiting.

Introduce RPA to speed up the route to sale

This is where RPA can help. RPA is an automation system that automates these repetitive tedious tasks and expedites them quicker than we are able to as humans. It also carried them out more accurately as unfortunately we are prone to mistakes, but a Digital Worker will do exactly as you tell it to.

The benefit to this is for the bulk of the applications, a decision is reached quicker. For those that have been accepted, the sale is processed sooner and generating revenue for the company. For rejections, even though it is not that answer the customer wanted to hear they are not left waiting.

And for the applications that need intervention or a human eye to help make the decision……fortunately we now have our employees who now are not constrained by churning the bulk, and can apply their brains to the more cognitive cases and focus their energies there.

WIN WIN. Customer wins, Company wins.

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