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Elevating Healthcare: Ensuring Data Accuracy & Patient Safety with Digital Workers


In the whirlwind that is the healthcare sector, patient data flows in massive torrents and even the slightest inaccuracies can lead to significant implications. Maintaining data accuracy is no simple task, but it’s a non-negotiable aspect – patient safety hinges on it. The volume and complexity of tasks such as patient record management, insurance verifications, and claims management impose a significant burden on healthcare professionals. This, in turn, often detracts from their primary responsibility and passion: delivering patient care.

There is a more balanced scenario being utilized by some healthcare businesses, in which healthcare professionals can devote more of their time and attention towards patient care, with far less stress over data management. At Centelli, we provide Digital Workers to our healthcare clients, powered by Intelligent Automation. These virtual assistants take on a range of administrative tasks, contributing to improved data accuracy, and consequently, a heightened level of patient safety.

Transforming Insurance Verification and Claims Management

Accuracy is vital in the tasks of insurance verification and claims management – processes that involve validating a patient’s insurance coverage and managing communication with insurance providers for reimbursement. Any discrepancy in claim submissions or inaccuracies in verification can lead to substantial financial repercussions, claims being denied, and crucially, threats to patient safety.

Our Digital Workers operate perfectly here, offering a highly efficient, accurate, and rapid solution. They’re able to quickly gather and organize data from various sources. They collect the information as well as tidy it up, ensuring that the patient’s insurance details match with the medical services they’ve received.

What’s more, they have a big role in the claims management process. Using Intelligent Automation, they’re designed to do the heavy lifting, cutting down manual work by a whopping 80%. This speed and accuracy greatly reduces the chance of claims being denied because of incorrect patient details.

Medical Coding Accuracy:

Let’s talk about a particular pain point in the healthcare sector: coding errors.
Around a third of total claims by multispecialty practices are denied on the first submission. This is mainly due to inaccurate or nonspecific coding, missing key information, or delayed filing.

Correcting these errors isn’t just time-consuming; it’s costly. Resubmitting each claim costs an estimated average of $40, with total charges running into thousands monthly. But what if this could be avoided altogether?

Centelli’s Digital Workers are designed to tackle this challenge head-on. They access screens across multiple applications (without impacting the underlying infrastructure) to quickly and accurately code diagnoses, identifying missing or inaccurate patient data early on. This approach ensures timely, accurate coding and leads to quicker cash flow, improved patient relationships, and an overall reduction in human error. Plus, it frees your coding staff to work on appeals and follow-ups, further enhancing patient relations and ensuring smooth operations.

Automating the Crucial: Chart Management and Patient Onboarding

With the breadth and depth of patient data continuously expanding, ensuring consistent accuracy is daunting. But what if we told you that our Digital Workers could lighten this burden?

Take chart management, for instance. It’s often a time-consuming task laden with the potential for errors. Our Digital Workers automate this task, swiftly extracting, merging, and posting medical records into patient charts from various data sources. The result? An enhanced speed of care, consistent accuracy, and significantly reduced medical errors.

The same applies to staff and patient onboarding. With automated management of these records, healthcare professionals can sidestep the red-tape associated with establishing records, focusing their skills and time on patient care.

A Safer and More Efficient Healthcare Landscape

With our Digital Workers at the helm of data management, healthcare becomes a safer and more efficient industry. By eliminating the risk of human errors, cross-checking data, and maintaining alignment across systems, they act as a safety net, catching any potential errors before they can harm patients.

The integration of Digital Workers into healthcare isn’t about replacing people. Instead, it’s about using technology to complement and enhance human skills. It’s about making healthcare more efficient, precise, and above all, patient-centered.

Enhancing Healthcare with Digital Workers

At Centelli, we believe in the transformative power of technology. With our Digital Workers, we aim to lighten the load for healthcare professionals, affording them the freedom to focus on what they do best – deliver compassionate and high-quality patient care. We strive to assist and enhance not replace After all, in an era increasingly embracing digital solutions, your healthcare heroes certainly deserve the support.

Interested in finding out how Centelli’s Digital Workers can help you revolutionize your operations (healthcare or otherwise)? We’d love to offer you a free, personalized consultation. Get in touch, and let’s start this exciting journey together!


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