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The Brilliance of Simplicity: A Glimpse into the Future of BI


Never in the history of mankind, did we have the power to change the world the way we can now. Thanks to Business Intelligence technology, the unimaginable—seemingly impossible—seems to be becoming quite possible.

The IT industry has grown at an exponential rate. The correct use of technology has become increasingly invaluable for businesses around the world.

Business Intelligence, or BI, is one of the key areas. It has become a tool for companies to make smart, data-driven decisions. However, that’s not it. Business intelligence is still evolving, now more than ever. There are a few incredible changes that we can expect in future.

Here’s what the future will be like in the Business Intelligence (BI) landscape:

There Will Be a Shift towards Collaborative Business Intelligence

Today, even with advanced tools and mechanisms, we see independent users not connected to any broader network. This is soon going to change.

Experts predict that thefuturewill see a more collaborative workspace in which users and tools will be interlinked. Furthermore, they will be connected via increasingly advanced network spaces. In an article published in ComputerWeekly, this collaborative form of BI is called ‘shared, immersive analytic experiences’.

Business Intelligence (BI) Will Lead to Insight and Self-Service

There is no doubt about the fact that our data gathering mechanisms have improved. From web analytics to CRM tools, there are countless ways that data is collected.

In the future, customers will become more knowledgeable about data and would want to learn more about themselves through this data.

With their own data in their own hands, it will enable customers to discuss and engage with it more.

World Will Witness a Rise of ‘Prescriptive Analytics’

We have all seen predictive analysis taking charge these days. Prescriptive analysis is the next step. While predictive analysis gives insights about data, prescriptive analytics will help us take action.

Some of the major prescriptive analysis tools which are in use allow advanced data mining, game theory, decision-analysis, etc.

There Will Be More Data Pro-Activity

With ever-growing analytics and automation tools, there will be a time when these processes will not have to be initiated by humans.

Today, BI includes sophisticated data visualisation tools, including intuitive charts and graphs. However in future, with real-time analysis and personalisation of data, relevant data will come finding you, instead of the other way around. AI, or Artificial Intelligence, technology will play a huge role in this.

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