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BREXIT: RPA to the Rescue?


rpaThe one thing certain about the uncertainty of Brexit…

…is that things will change.

Businesses are being urged to consider all possibilities. But, many are unable to see the way forward. Only a fifth of small/med British businesses exposed to Brexit has prepared for the UK leaving without a deal…what to do?

How about decluttering your business and building some internal capacity that can absorb the forthcoming changes, up to and after the end of October, even throughout any delay…and be able to react to whatever/whenever a turbulent post-Brexit deal/no-deal world looks like?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) empowered Digital Workers help to take away repetitive tasks that clog up your systems and processes. This gives you the space to use the expertise of your people to deal with whatever Brexit will throw at them.  Think about it, for once you could be ahead of the game, and even if there’s no Brexit you have the dividend of such capacity to reinvest into your real business! A win-win. 



One thing is inevitable with Brexit, new regulations/processes and a whole new-fangled bureaucracy to deal with. Existing systems and process could struggle to cope; where processes, systems and interfaces could take a long time to modify. Inevitably there will be manual workarounds galore to bridge the gaps. Yet another set of Excel spreadsheets!  With RPA, not only will you be getting productivity improvements here and now. But you are gaining valuable knowledge and experience of how your digital workers can rapidly react in the future.

brexitExperience shows us that RPA can be swiftly deployed in days/weeks, rather than months, to streamline and automate areas where systems interact. A digital worker can work across multiple systems seamlessly, without the need for cumbersome interfaces, which is invaluable if you have to move fast post Brexit.

To Brexit or Not to Brexit…That is the question… “. So maybe it’s time to acquaint yourself with RPA technology and understand what it can do…RPA and the associated deployment of digital workers may be the answer to free up capacity in your business…

…but also remember, “digital workers are for life – and not just for Brexit!”


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