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Birst First: Exploring Birst BI Solutions


We’ve heard a lot about the benefits of cloud deployment for business, but how much do we know about the benefits of a Birst partnership or Birst BI Solutions?

As much as business gurus talk about the boundless power of technological innovation, if done poorly, introducing changes in the digital infrastructure can be risky and expensive.

Due to the advances in technology and Birst BI Solutions , however, the demand for self-service analytics is steadily on the rise. And now, with more options to improve the efficiency of a business, like cloud deployments, companies have a cost-effective answer to resolve tedious data management problems.

Floating on Cloud Mine

So, what makes Birst a superior choice?

In one word: performance.

As an industry-leading cloud service provider, Birst gives users a compelling reason to abandon on-premise intelligence deployments for quick and seamless data accessibility and insight. In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons why an ever-increasing number of international corporations are joining hands with Birst to introduce agility and scalability to their business operations.

Let’s take a closer look at how it enables that.

Robust Integration

There have always been challenges in embedding complex data into your applications, especially if you’re short on time and domain expertise.

Birst’s Embedded BI Analytics minimises the complications of the process, offering a comprehensive platform to pre-integrate data. This includes superior analytics functionality and quick data monetisation.

Multi-Tenant Cloud Architecture

If managing and effectively governing large data sets is an ongoing issue at your organisation, Birst can help with these challenges as it offers a multi-tenant cloud architecture that allows you to scale horizontally and add new computing nodes as you go along.

Using cutting-edge database technology like Amazon Redshift, along with the in-memory performance of SAP HANA, it improves query performance with optimised SQL generation and intelligent caching.

More Value from Data Enterprise

As a “value-based” approach to BI modernisation, Birst specialises in tracking and monitoring performance, enabling decision-makers to make quick and informed choices. By providing data in context, it not only allows companies to make more insightful changes, but revise budget management to deliver better results.

If you’re an organisation that is unsure of how to progress from your current BI solution, look no further than Centelli for advice. Specialising in BI modernisation, KPI management and data solutions, we offer consultation and expertise to help you adapt to the latest tech trends.

For more information on Birst benefits and solutions, give us a call and speak to an expert, or browse through our website to learn about Centelli’s Birst partnership.


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