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How Birst BI and Analytics Can Transform Your Business


Founded in 2004, Birst has established itself as one of the leading BI and analytics solutions providers. It helps you Consume enterprise data with easy to use analytics tools from Birst. It enables you to share data across all teams using cloud-based business intelligence and reporting tools

Helping businesses take advantage of data, the company allows them to reach better and insightful decisions. Rapidly deliver insights from personnel to operations to customer satisfaction

The Birst Philosophy

Birst has completely overhauled  how analytics was carried out in the past with the  aim to involve your staff instead of doling tools out. They call it an ‘adaptive user experience’.

The idea is to make consumers of data  part of the BI process. They aim to reduce the gap between builders of reports and dashboards and the viewers, so that even consumers can make sense of data.

Here are some of Birst’s incredible offerings that can transform businesses:

Incredible Dashboards and Visual Elements

Birst helps customers manage data easily. With user-responsive and HTML5-integrated dashboards, your staff can manipulate data without any technical expertise. Birst’s networked analytics connects your team’s insights so you can make trusted, smarter decisions

What’s more, the amazing drag-and-drop features help users look into their data and optimise visuals. This means that users can directly interact with the software and become part of the reporting solution.

Birst’s visual discovery and dashboards require no training or IT intervention and enable true self-service BI analytics across the enterprise

Mobile BI

With Birst, business managers and executives get quick access to data anytime, anywhere and from any device.

They can manipulate charts and tables, filter results and get hold of critical reports. Mobile computing companies are going to focus a lot on enterprise business intelligence (BI) mobile apps

Mobile BI is no longer just a nice-to-have but is quickly becoming the principal way business users demand to consume analytics. Business users are becoming more demanding of mobile device apps, what makes mobile BI so compelling is that it can be woven much more closely into where work is actually getting done, away from the office.

. There is increasing demand for mobile analytics, ETL applications, enterprise reporting, ad hoc querying and mobile dashboards

Open-Client Interface

Birst BI and analytics solution can easily be integrated into some of the other tools, like Excel, R and Tableau.

With incredible capabilities, Birst handles queries behind the scenes, so that users can have a seamless experience  where every consumer becomes a producer, analytics adapts to your modern mobile workstyle, and each person can use their existing analytic tools

businesses are at an advantage because they are now working with a front-end application that they are already familiar with. This ensures that all the different departments across the company are on the same page

Outstanding Reporting

Birst offers enhanced features that allow your staff to create highly-readable and insightful reports. It also ensures security of data.

What’s more, the platform offers a report-creation mechanism that allows your staff to experiment with the reports’ design elements with easy to use features like drag-and-drop and double-click, auto-complete search, guided visualizations, and visual filtering


Predictive Analytics Tools

predictive analytics

With latest predictive analytics capabilities, Birst helps businesses stay ahead in the game. Its advanced mechanisms ensure that your time is not wasted in carrying out data mining functions.

Companies have been amassing data for years, yet the industry has finally reached the consensus that data for its own sake is not valuable. Now companies need to ask the critical question: Where’s the value?

All of this means that we have finally reached a point where data science can be applied by people who do not have advanced degrees in mathematics. On average, between 60% and 73% of all data within an enterprise goes unused for business intelligence (BI) and analytics.

We at Centelli partner with Birst and provide high-quality BI and analytics solutions. With a team of business intelligence experts, we ensure that businesses across Europe thrive in their respective industries.

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