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5 of the Most Useful Big Data Management Skills


The times we are living in are constantly changing. The advent of technology has brought about a data management revolution. At no point in human history have we had to deal with this information deluge before.

Data, in the modern landscape, has to be seen as an  asset. Whether you are a marketer or a customer support specialist, you need to have at least some data management skills.

This is because data management is no longer just the territory of data analysts. Big Data and Analytics tools have given rise to the ‘citizen data scientist’, putting powerful tools into the hands of the business.

Here are 5 skills you need to have to become a data management pro:

1. Have an Idea about what’s In Trend in the Field

When it comes to Big Data, you need to have an idea of what’s current in the field. This is because things in the digital world are never stagnant.

Every day, new tools and technologies are introduced. Make sure you have done your research.

2. Learn More about Self-Service Big Data Management Tools

Talking about the latest trends, Big Data today is dominated by self-service tools. These tools blur the lines between producer and viewer. They provide really handy visual elements that can make life easier for users. From analytics capabilities to reporting features, they ensure users are always in control. You should surely learn more about these tools and how they interact with your data sets. An understanding of these tools and their basic operations will go a long way in ensuring success for you. One example of these tools is Birst.

3. Learn How the Big Guns Operate Big Data More Effectively

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You should understand how Big Data is managed excellently by big companies.

This will set a benchmark for you. Understanding how big guns employ Big Data can provide you examples of use cases to give great insights  to help you shape in your data management strategies .

4. Learn More about Real-Time Processing

When working on a data management solution, you will need to understand how data integration and management in real-time works.

Make sure you dig deeper into how tools process data and it fits with with your data structures. By knowing what’s happening behind the scenes, you can influence how you will take more insightful decisions.  

5. Get Certified

There are quite a few Big Data and analytics certification programs that you can have, many Online.  Some of them are provided by big companies like IBM, Oracle and so on. Enroll in a suitable course and get your certification. This will go a long way in enhancing your career as a data management specialist.

With a team of data analysts, we at Centelli provide and support companies with a wide variety of data management solutions. Over the years, we have helped companies use data to leverage advantage and drive real business insight.


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