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4 Ways to Leverage Data for Optimal Results


In this digitally enabled world, data has become of incredible value for businesses across the globe. At Centelli, we can help. With a team of business intelligence experts can help you achieve maximum potential.

From getting insights about your customers’ behaviours, or monitoring performance of a product launch, data can enhance the efficiency of the way you operate.

Using web analytics and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are two of the ways to gather useful data. The question is: how to capitalise on this data?

The companies who have employed forward thinking data management and analytics approaches, have gained a competitive advantage in this data-dominated world.

Here are 4 ways you can leverage data to your advantage:

Employing Data to Create a Comprehensive Product Platform, Not Just a Pipeline

In the past, one approach that businesses took was to push new products and services to their customers. This was called the pipeline model.

Today, however, by taking advantage of data, companies can interact with their customers in a more meaningful way. What’s more, using the same data, they can scale accordingly. This helps them create a comprehensive product platform with the backing of robust data.

Using Data Analytics for Providing Customer Satisfaction

With massive amounts of data that has been accumulated, it can become extremely difficult for companies to analyse that data and utilise it to gain a competitive advantage and increase customer satisfaction.

However, using effective data analytics tools, the data obtained from web traffic, surveys, and call centre records can be used to give better insights that can enhance customer experience.

Here is one example of this in action. Walmart recently announced that it will be using sensors on all items in its store. This will help the store understand when a particular product runs out of stock or expires. More importantly, it will allow them to know when the buyer needs more of it and deliver accordingly.This creates an enhanced and personalised customer experience.

Becoming Effective with Data

Your customers want relevant and useful content in this digital world. Portraying yourself as a transparent company goes a long way in establishing you as a reliable source.

Glassdoor, for instance, an online job search company, does this effectively by having a reviews and ratings section. Job seekers can look at this section and know more about the company they want to join.

Using Data to Make Better Decisions

Finally, managing and analysing data better can help improve your decision making. From enhanced supplier management to driving costs down, there are many ways data can prove insightful for you.

Looking to use data to your advantage? At Centelli, we can help. With a team of business intelligence experts and data scientists, our data management and analytics consulting firm can help you achieve maximum potential. We help you gather, organise, interpret and integrate data across different platforms to help you thrive in this competitive landscape. Contact us to explore our solutions.


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