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Our extensive expertise and experience in the hotel & hospitality space make us the top choice for Intelligent Automation solutions tailored to your business needs.

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    If you want to explore how we can assist your hospitality business, please contact Himanshu Bhalla, Director of Operations, Centelli. He is in attendance and available for meetings & networking.

    Our Digital Worker Solutions are currently:

    • Powering 50+ automations for a leading hospitality chain.

    • Processing 20K+ emails monthly for a top hotel brand.

    • Achieving 50% workload automation for a known hotel group.

    • Managing joiner / mover / leaver processes for multiple hotels & more.

    What tasks do you wish could disappear at work? We train Digital Workers to do those tasks for you!

    Our Digital Workers complement your human teams, freeing them up to focus on guests and more complex cognitive tasks. We are an Oracle Opera partner and work with most applications

    Hotels with Digital Workers enjoy:

    • Better Guest Experience
    • Better Data
    • Easier Hiring & Retention
    • Higher Revenues
    • Better Employee Experience
    • Improved Scalability

    If you are struggling to get everything done with your workforce or want to improve productivity/profitability

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