Motocycle Insurance Company from UK

An insurer achieves fully compliant and timely payroll processing via redefined internal controls and corrective payroll package changes. This also helps alleviate employee dissatisfaction.

The Numbers That Matter

  • < 1%

    Error Rate  

  • ~ 100%

    Employee Satisfaction Rate 

  • Nil

    Compliance Issues  

About The Client

A UK-based insurance company providing motorcycle insurance, offering technical expertise and excellent customer experience to riders across the country. We offered our expertise to improve their payroll management, including employee master maintenance, time-card entry management, salary review and adjustments, statutory compliance and reporting, and workplace pension management.


With over 500 employees and an annual payroll cost of £12 million, our client's payroll processes had become convoluted. The accuracy was as low as 94%, leading to delayed processing and adjustment calculations, regulatory fines, and penalties. These issues were causing high employee dissatisfaction and significant cash drain for the company.


  • Improved ERP System Our team conducted a thorough due diligence of the company's payroll processes. We identified several issues, including non-value-added steps causing delays and gaps in the ERP systems.

  • Rectified Payroll Process Working closely with in-house teams, we implemented necessary changes such as eliminating non-value-added steps, assessing automation for streamlining inputs, and adjusting the client's payroll system.

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