The US-based Lifestyle E-Commerce Company

An American Lifestyle E-Retailer mandated us to elevate its accounting and reporting. Our expert solutions not only helped improved their financial processes but also business decisions.  

The Numbers That Matter

  • 80%

    Less Financial Closure Time

  • 99%

    Clear Inventory Count  

  • Daily

    Multi-Channel Snapshots  

About The Client

The company is a US-based home décor e-retailer catering to lifestyle buyers across the country. They were struggling with recordkeeping delays, clearing of accounts, non-compliance, reporting issues et al. The range of services delivered spanned General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Month-end Closure, and Payroll Records.


Untimely accounting records across months resulted in inaccurate clearing accounts and non-compliance with timely closure of books. Their multi-channel progress reporting live sync was also incompatible with their accounting package. As a result, real-time statuses and reports failed to be displayed accurately.


  • Rectified Processs Gaps Conducted an extensive due dilligence of existing finance & accounting processes to identify gaps and anomalies.

  • Process Impovements Brought accuracy, internal controls, transparency, and compliance.

  • Effortless Reconcilation Set up monthly reconciliation of the clearing accounts to ensure up-to-date data

  • Data Synchronization Implemented live sync of clearing accounts with Shipstation and ERplain sales platforms.

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