US-based NGO

A US NGO realizes a streamlined program accounting and improved financial planning for its stakeholders by partnering with us. We have also helped them build a more robust regulatory compliance.

The Numbers That Matter

  • 15%

    Less Books Closure Time  

  • 0.50% 

    Internal Error Rate

  • 20%

    External Auditor Costs Saving 

About The Client

A US-headquartered non-profit organization works with children and adults facing physical, developmental, and economic challenges in a marine environment. The scope of services we provided encompassed end-to-end bookkeeping, including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, General Ledger, Fixed Assets Accounting, and Budgeting.


The existing Chart of Accounts (COA) had become redundant and irrelevant to the organization’s statutory reporting requirements. This required urgent correction. The client also sought ABC’s expertise to rectify unsystematic fund allocations, overdue accounts, high audit costs, and other overheads.


  • Cost-Efficient Solutions Given that we're catering to a not-for-profit client's needs, we sought to minimize costs right from the start.

  • Sustainable Workflows Our team came up with sustainable solutions, such as switching to project-based accounting, invoice back-up, budgeting for programs, weekly program performance reporting et al.

  • Improved Planning & Compliance Our optimization efforts have helped the organization improve its overall financial planning and statutory reporting.

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